Summer League 2022

May 2022

Summer League returns to Shropshire Squash Club for the first time since 2019.


We are pleased to be welcoming 16 teams from across the county to play in a 14 week season from May until early September.


When Does it Start and what are the dates?


Tuesday 31st May and every single Tuesday till the 26th August. The final round of matches will be held on Friday 2nd September.

Matches will start at either 7pm or 8.30pm.


How many players are involved?


Each of the 16 players have a squad of around 5 or 6 players to choose from. Each match requires 3 players to play and they must be selected in ability order 1, 2 and 3.


What is the format?


Summer league at Shropshire Squash Club works to timed squash, rather than a traditional best of 3/5 match. You play to accumulate as many points as you can over the time period. We do it this way to allow us to get more teams involved in the competition, whilst allowing plenty of court time for non-summer league club players over the summer. It is also easier to plan knowing what time you will be on court.


The individual matches will be 20 minutes long with a 1 minute break in the middle. The warm up will be 4 minutes. It is important to be ready to go on as soon as your team mate has finished.


The matches will be in two sessions that start at either 7pm (session 1) or 8.30pm (session 2)

The timings are as follows


Session 1

7pm – Number 3s go on

7.25pm – Number 2s go on

7.50pm – Number 1s go on


8.15pm – 8.30pm – 15 minute break for shower and refreshments before the second session go on.


Session 2

8.30pm – Number 3s go on

8.55pm – Number 2s go on

9.20pm – Number 1s go on.


9.45pm – 15 minutes to shower and purchase drinks at the bar


How do we know when to start and stop play?

The match timings are run by a computer linked to the projector in the bar. Music will be played during the warm ups with a 10 second verbal countdown indicating when the match is about to start. There will be a loud claxon indicated when the match begins. 


For each half of the match there will be a 10 minute countdown with a claxon at half time. The match stops when the claxon goes off rather than completing the rally first.


The 1 minute countdown will have a musical interlude and another claxon to indicate that the match should restart.


If you are ever unsure either ask Max or look at the screen which is there to help you. 


Handicaps Explained


As our summer league has mixed abilities, all of the players have a handicap that they will play off each week. The handicaps have been judged by the summer league committee with consideration of each player’s performance in the 2021/22 Shropshire League season and their ranking on Squash Levels.


The starting handicap is always the difference between the two handicaps. There must always be at least one player starting on zero (both on zero if they have the same handicap)


In this example: Player A = +20 Player B = +30 Player C = -6

Player A v Player B – Starting score = 0-10

Player A v Player C – Starting score = 26-0


At the start of the match please ensure you collect a scorecard and fill in using the players sheet on the whiteboard. You must give the scorecard back to Max before the end of the evening.


What are the fixtures?

The 16 teams have been drawn out of a hat to create 2 groups of 8 teams. The first 7 matches will be against the teams in your group. After 7 matches the top 8 teams in the league will form a new group and the bottom 8 teams will form a second group. They will then play each other over the final 7 games. 


The team which has accumulated the most points over the season will be the summer league champion.



Both teams are required to share the refereeing between them.

In the event of injuries or lateness, please record all details including timings on your scorecard. 


Squash Balls

A squash ball is provided for each match. There will be one for the first session and another for the second session. One player at the end of the match then gets a free ball. (Winner)

In the event of injuries or lateness, please record all details including timings on your scorecard.



We will be serving light refreshments each week and then special catering for the final match of the summer season. 


Car Parking

Please be mindful that we have very limited car parking at the squash club and there are students staying in the accommodation behind us. We ask that you park considerately. If there are no spaces in the car park, please use the spaces next to the tennis courts or street parking on Ashton Road. Please do not park on the grass to the left of the three bays in front of the club, by the memorial tree or on the access road to the accomodation behind the squash club.

To help aleviate the pressure on the car park, please car pool to the club where possible.


Cost of Entry

The cost per team is £75 which covers the cost of balls, refreshments and other expenses.

This works out at roughly £1.80 per player per match.


Please complete payment by BACS to Shropshire Squash Club (account at Barclays)


Sort: 20-77-85

A/c: 73026108


With a team reference in there.




Thank you for supporting our competition. We look forward to seeing you all over the summer.

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