The Who's Who at SSC... Woo Hoo..

Jan 2024

The Who's Who at SSC... Woo Hoo..

Loving everything about Shropshire Squash Club? 
While the facilities management at Shrewsbury School do a great job looking after the fabric of the building and keeping it clean and serviceable everyday, there's a crack team of dedicated squash enthusiasts who donate their time to the running of the actual club and everything that happens within the place! The Management!! Well, it's a committee really - but you know what we mean! 

And it's great to put some faces to names - and important for you, our members, to know who to talk to with ideas/thoughts/concerns etc. Everyone is accessible and keen to help and listen.

So.... let's start with our current Chair person - Phil Caudle:

Recently appointed to the role, Phil has been a long standing member and player at the club! He's one of the best players too and his warm smile definitely reflects his attitude and approachability! 
Under Phils guidance, we're sure to see not just future developments, but the assurity of a 'business as normal' continuity approach to the club too. Tasked with building the membership back up to pre-covid numbers, Phil and his team are already welcoming new players in numbers!

Who better next than the Club Captain and very familiar face around the place - Max Ball!

Max has been our Club Captain for a few years now. Cut him open (please don't actually!!) and he'll bleed little double yellow spot squash balls everywhere!! Max does it all for club and sport. From his immensely popular county-wide Summer League to his daily efforts to welcome new players and members both to the sport and the club. Stop him for a chat about anything squash/racketball related (try and avoid football though.... He's a Sheffield Wednesday supporter!).

And... onto Becky Wright (expect the photo to change - this was years ago, but it was this, or a shot of her stuffing pizza!! : )

Becky is a sport and physical education graduate and followed her family footsteps onto squash courts from a young age. An ever-present face within the club and having always taken a keen involvement into all activities and events, all while rising through the junior ranks! Now a senior player, she's refining her skills in all internal  and county leagues too!
A huge advocate of our ladies squash events, Becky is again, always happy to play and help new players on their journey into the sport. She's a level two coach and has also taken on this new  role as Vice Club Captian too! Chat with her! She's a friendly sort who'll help with whatever you need within the club!

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