SSC Committee Life

Jan 2020

SSC Committee Life

Prior to last year’s AGM I was asked if I was interested in joining the SSC committee. In all honesty I was hesitant at first as I work fulltime and have young kids etc I thought when would I have the time to help out? I thought about it and decided to give it a go and see if I would be able to fit in helping the club around life’s other commitments.

After my first committee meeting I was shocked to realise just how much the committee do for the club. So much goes on behind the scenes that as an everyday member you just don’t realise. Prior to being on the committee things at the club just seemed to happen and someone would be running something or an event would be happening but I had no idea how much work went into everything.

This past year I’ve helped in events, promotions, décor, social media, coaching, newsletters and articles, email bulletins, networking with newspapers and introducing new ideas to the club. I’ve really enjoyed every part of it and getting to meet new people and understand the sport I play in greater detail. It’s not just a club to me anymore and I feel a lot more passionate about the sport and promoting the club. The more I invested my time into helping the club, the more I got out of it and quickly realised that like most things in life if you want to make time for them, you will.

Inadvertently I’ve also found that my actual Squash game has improved over the last year. Being around like minded people and talking about your game makes a big difference and I’ve certainly found that I think about my game more than I used to. Before, during and after I approach the game different to how I used to and I analyse a lot more than I used to. I certainly feel this has been influenced from being on the committee.

It’s been really nice to play a part in making decisions about the future of the club and the direction we want it to go in. It’s all member focused and I think that’s why the club is progressing so well. The committee are a really great group of people too. Everyone helps and supports each other and we have a laugh too. When I first joined I thought I would be a bit out of place as I’m not as good at Squash as the other committee members but I quickly realised that this has no impact on the committee and that everyone is treated equally and has input and a voice, just the way it should it be.

Everyone who volunteers their time makes a big difference to the club and I’m really pleased with what we have achieved and there is plenty more in the pipeline.

If you want to know more or get involved I would strongly suggest you give it a go as you will get more out of it than you put in.

Scott Bass

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