All Strung Out...

Feb 2024

All Strung Out...

Well it's happened. You've resorted to the back up racket or worse still, had to borrow one...

But now the dilemma! Do you you get your prized racket restrung as it was - or is it time to change/upgrade or switch to something that might actually suit your game and style better!

While there's always going to be a significant amount of 'trial and errror' in these circumstances, not to mention a cost and affordability issue too.... here's the non-definitive and still slightly vague SSC guide to choosing a string type! 
And remember...some strings just don't suit some players! If you started out with a cheaper racket, it would have had strings designed for durability, not finesse. Once you've mastered a little technique, you might be the type to hit the ball like your life depends on it reaching 345mph each time - in which case, when you choose one of the below (which are not designed for this), you may find yourself replacing the strings more often.

It's not the restringers fault - it's yours! Stop being so angry. 

Anyway.... they come in different colours too! Although try not to choose the one that matches your outfit! Maybe consider the info below...

  1. Multifilament Strings:

    • Characteristics: Made of numerous intertwined fibers, offering a softer feel and better playability. Provides good power and comfort, making it suitable for players with arm issues.
    • Popular Brands: Tecnifibre 305 Green, Ashaway PowerNick.
  2. Synthetic Gut Strings:

    • Characteristics: Affordable and durable. Offers a good balance of power, control, and feel. Suitable for players with a moderate playing style.
    • Popular Brands: Prince Synthetic Gut, Head Synthetic Gut.
  3. Polyester (Poly) Strings:

    • Characteristics: Known for durability, control, and spin potential. Tends to be stiffer, offering a firmer feel. Suited for players who prioritize control and spin.
    • Popular Brands: Luxilon ALU Power, Tecnifibre Black Code.
  4. Hybrid Strings:

    • Characteristics: Combines different types of strings in the main and cross strings for a customized feel. Commonly, polyester mains with multifilament or synthetic gut crosses.
    • Popular Combinations: Luxilon ALU Power in the mains with a synthetic gut in the crosses.
  5. Natural Gut Strings:

    • Characteristics: Made from cow intestine fibers (sorry, resident vegans!), providing exceptional playability, power, and comfort. However, they are expensive and less durable.
    • Popular Brands: Babolat VS Touch, Pacific Natural Gut.
  6. Textured Strings:

    • Characteristics: Designed with surface textures to increase spin potential. These strings can grab the ball more effectively for enhanced control and spin.
    • Popular Brands: Tecnifibre Black Code 4S, Head Sonic Pro Edge.
  7. Tension Considerations:

    • String tension plays a crucial role in a racket's performance. Higher tension offers more control but reduces power, while lower tension provides more power but may sacrifice control.

When choosing a squash racket string, you should consider your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences. It's also essential to factor in the maintenance and stringing costs, as some strings may require more frequent replacement than others (note comment above!) . Players often experiment with different string types and tensions to find the combination that suits their game best.

Oh, and if you are unlucky enough to experience a breakage and don't know where to go or who to turn to, relax! Look upstairs and you'll find a restring bin. Contact Glyn (his number is there too) with your string preference and let him know it's there to collect. If you send him a photo of your racket, he'll know who's is who too!! He's also a good source of further info, and a nice chap too!

Happy swinging......
(you know what I mean. Behave.)


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