Shropshire Squash Summer League 2023

May 2023

Shropshire Squash Summer League 2023


We are proud to be welcoming back the Shropshire Squash Summer League from Tuesday 6th June 2023. For those who haven't played this competition before, rather than traditional best of 5 to 11 or 15 matches, we play to a set time. Matches of 25 minutes which includes a 4 minute warm up and a 1 minute break.

All of the players in the competition have been given a handicap which has been judged based on their Squash Levels ranking and their performances in the Shropshire League 22/23 season. 

Yes - You have all been researched!


The Handicap System Explained
Matches will begin as the margin between two players handicaps. 

For example Player A: +10  Player B: -12 and Player C: +30
A vs B = 22-0 start for Player A
A vs C = 20-0 start for Player C
B vs C = 42-0 start for Player C

At the conclusion of the match, please fill in the score card and pass on to the tournament organiser.


What times are the matches and Where?

Matches will take place at 7pm or 8.30pm at Shropshire Squash Club. Please pay attention to the fixtures which are listed below; will be circulated on the Whatsapp group and also be shown at the squash club.

Each match is 3 against 3. If you have a squad that is large this; you will need to rotate them in a way that is fair for everyone.


The Clock Explained

Matches will begin with number 3s, then number 2s and finally number 1s unless there is any other agreement between the teams. 

You will start with a 4 minute warm up. There will be music playing and a countdown timer on the projector which ensures everyone is starting at exactly the same time. Note that there is a 10 second countdown which is a prompt that players should spin for serve so that they can start from when the horn goes off.

The match is 20 minutes long (2 halfs of 10 minutes) with 1 minute break in the middle. There will be a horn sound and music que that the matches need to stop. Please take this 1 minute recess and start again at the end of the minute for when you need to start again. At the end of the 2nd half there will be another horn signals the end of the game.

The second player will follow the same pattern and the third. 

After the first set of matches (around 8.15pm), there will be a 15 minute break before the start of the warm up for the second set of matches. If you are first on in the second session, please feel free to use this time to warm up. This is to help the game flow and we can manage the car park.

The Objective

Summer League is a game of accumulation. The idea is to accumulate points for your team by winning rallies. It is a different proposition to traditional squash which can be more calculated and last a long time.

Who do we play?

There are 16 teams in Summer league, which have been randomly split into two groups of 8. This is dictated by those with a blue header and those with an orange header. You will play all your group in the first 7 matches of the competition. 

The top 4 teams in each group at the end of those 7 matches will progress to the Main event where they will play 3 more matches to finish between 1st and 8th. The bottom 4 teams in each group will progress to the Plate event to finish between 9th and 16th. 

The final matches are on Friday 1st September.


The cost of entry for Summer League is £75 per team to cover the costs of bar staff, squash balls, food and trophies/medals.
Please can this be paid to Shropshire Squash Club by the end of the June using the reference: SL23 - (Team Name). 

Account Details are:

Shropshire Squash Club

Sort Code: 20-77-85 

Account Number: 73026108


The Fixtures

Here are all of the fixtures for Summer League 2023:

Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
6th June 7:00pm1New Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)
6th June 7:00pm2Red Runners (Alex Whitehouse)TinTin (Martin Lee)
6th June 7:00pm3No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)Brookside A
6th June 7:00pm4Brookside BKnights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)
6th June 8:30pm1Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)Bishops Castle (Graham Burnett)
6th June 8:30pm2The Bees (Gary Nolan)Squadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)
6th June 8:30pm3Yellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)
6th June 8:30pm4Marksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
13th June7:00pm1The Bees (Gary Nolan)Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)
13th June7:00pm2Squadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)Bishops Castle (Graham Burnett)
13th June7:00pm3Marksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)
13th June7:00pm4Knights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)TinTin (Martin Lee)
13th June8:30pm1Yellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)New Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)
13th June8:30pm2RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)
13th June8:30pm3Brookside BRed Runners (Alex Whitehouse)
13th June8:30pm4DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)Brookside A
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
20th June7.00pm1No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)
20th June7:00pm2Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)Yellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)
20th June7:00pm3Brookside AMarksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)
20th June7:00pm4TinTin (Martin Lee)Brookside B
20th June8:30pm1Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)Squadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)
20th June8:30pm2Bishops Castle (Graham Burnett)The Bees (Gary Nolan)
20th June8:30pm3New Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)
20th June8:30pm4Red Runners (Alex Whitehouse)Knights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
27th June7.00pm1No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)
27th June7:00pm2Brookside ABishops Castle (Graham Burnett)
27th June7:00pm3Brookside BYellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)
27th June7:00pm4DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)Squadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)
27th June8:30pm1Red Runners (Alex Whitehouse)New Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)
27th June8:30pm2TinTin (Martin Lee)Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)
27th June8:30pm3Marksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)The Bees (Gary Nolan)
27th June8:30pm4Knights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
4th July7:00pm1New Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)TinTin (Martin Lee)
4th July7:00pm2The Bees (Gary Nolan)DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)
4th July7:00pm3Yellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)Knights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)
4th July7:00pm4Squadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)
4th July8:30pm1Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)Brookside A
4th July8:30pm2Bishops Castle (Graham Burnett)Marksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)
4th July8:30pm3Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)Brookside B
4th July8:30pm4RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)Red Runners (Alex Whitehouse)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
11th July7:00pm1Brookside ASquadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)
11th July7:00pm2DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)Bishops Castle (Graham Burnett)
11th July7:00pm3Brookside BNew Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)
11th July7:00pm4Marksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)
11th July8:30pm1No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)The Bees (Gary Nolan)
11th July8:30pm2Knights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)
11th July8:30pm3Red Runners (Alex Whitehouse)Yellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)
11th July8:30pm4TinTin (Martin Lee)RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
18th July7:00pm1New Kids on Court (Connor Tutte)Knights of Rowton Table (Fin Aimer)
18th July7:00pm2Masters of Spinjitzu (Ben Schur)Red Runners (Alex Whitehouse)
18th July7:00pm3Yellow Spotty Ball Boys (Steve Marsh)TinTin (Martin Lee)
18th July7:00pm4Squadron Leader (Mal Lakelin)Marksmen: Alley Game Wars (Max Ball)
18th July8:30pm1Mr & Mrs (Linda Pritchard)DNAKO (Nigel Jackson)
18th July8:30pm2Bishops Castle (Graham Burnett)No Need to Boast (Rich Allison)
18th July8:30pm3The Bees (Gary Nolan)Brookside A
18th July8:30pm4RAF Cosford (Peter Fletcher)Brookside B
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
8th August7:00pm1Match 1 - 1st Group A v 4th Group B (1/8)
8th August7:00pm2Match 2 - 2nd Group A v 3rd Group B (1/8)
8th August7:00pm3Match 3 - 3rd Group A v 2nd Group B (1/8)
8th August7:00pm4Match 4 - 4th Group A v 1st Group B (1/8)
8th August8:30pm1Match 5 - 5th Group A v 8th Group B (Plate - 1/8)
8th August8:30pm2Match 6 - 6th Group A v  7th Group B (Plate - 1/8)
8th August8:30pm3Match 7 - 7th Group A v 6th Group B (Plate - 1/8)
8th August8:30pm4Match 8 - 8th Group A v 5th Group B (Plate - 1/8)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
15th August7:00pm1Match 9 - Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 6 (Plate - 1/4)
15th August7:00pm2Match 10 - Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 8 (Plate - 1/4)
15th August7:00pm3Match 11 - Loser of Match 5 vs Loser of Match 6 (Plate - 5/8)
15th August7:00pm4Match 12 - Loser of Match 7 v Loser of Match 8 (Plate - 5/8)
15th August8:30pm1Match 13 - Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2 (1/4)
15th August8:30pm2Match 14 - Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4 (1/4)
15th August8:30pm3Match 15 - Loser of Match 1 vs Loser of Match 2 (5/8)
15th August8:30pm4Match 16 - Loser of Match 3 v Loser of Match 4 (5/8)
Match DateTimeCourtsHome TeamAway Team
1st September 6.00pm1Winner of Match 15 v Winner of Match 16 (5th/6th Playoff)
1st September 6:00pm2Loser of Match 15 v Loser of Match 16 (7th/8th Playoff)
1st September 6:00pm3Winner of Match 11 v Winner of Match 12 (Plate 5th/6th Playoff)
1st September 6:00pm4Loser of Match 11 v Loser of Match 12 (Plate 7th/8th Playoff)
1st September 7.30pm1Loser of Match 9 v Loser of Match 10 (PLATE 3rd/4th Playoff)
1st September 7.30pm2Loser of Match 13 v Loser of Match 14 (3rd/4th Playoff)
1st September 7.30pm3Winner of Match 9 v Winner of Match 10 (PLATE FINAL)
1st September 7.30pm4Winner of Match 13 v Winner of Match14 (FINAL)

Here are the 16 teams in the competition. 

RAF Cosford
Louis Cameron RAF-8Peter Fletcher ©18Jason Crook 24Cole Tudor Smith 30      
Yellow Spotty Ball Boys
Tom Flint-6Rhys Williams10Yozzer16Steve Marsh ©22Alistair Henman34Mark Wilson34  
Tin Tin
Phil Caudle-4Cheryl Evans6Martin Lee ©30Ben Ashford30      
Masters of Spinjitzu
Jayden Ingram0Billy Schur4Ben Schur ©8Georgie Lincoln10Max Ruffles32    
New Kids on Court
Lee Picken8Pete Cuthbert16Don Wallington18Andy Purcell20Jason Ramsurn28Conor Tuite ©32  
Adam Pierpoint-12Simon Pierpoint4Dan Pierpoint18Jason Pierpoint 22Paul Clark ©24Phil Roberts40  
Red Runners
Duncan Moselhi-14Alex Whitehouse ©-8Adam Slater 8Elaine Radcliffe12Neil Tuite36    
Knights of Rowton Table
Fin Aimer ©0Dean Morris22Andy Lawrence24Scott Bass26Marcus Williams32Rob Tolley32Adam Batchelor40
Mr & Mrs
Nick Billington0Damian Jay4Linda Pritchard ©10Rachel Pritchard24Ali Billington48    
Marksmen: Alley Game Wars
Max Ball (C)0Tim Pratt12Matt King22Kieran Thomas28      
No Need To Boast
Richard Allison ©8Dan Jones8Neil  Manley26Andrew Cox28Tom Hyde30Rich Green30  
Ian Pitchford4Rich Smith6Dan Jackson8Nigel Jackson ©12Ash Jones12Mike Kirby12  
Tim Ledden 4Oli Pierpoint10Ernie Clarke12Wes Rowley ©30Sonny Kaye32Keith Edwards48  
Bishop's Castle
Alex Gwyther4Graham Burnett ©6Karl Brummer6Matt Morgan6Kevin Humphreys12Henry Hunter28  
The Bees
Pete Morgans0Dave Brace0Alex Nolan16Gary Nolan ©18Rob Hakeman18Dennis Jones30  
Squaddron Leader
Patrick Snodgrass0Steve Mcllelland8Dave Ryan18Mal Lakelin ©20Tony Alvis24Sam Barnett26Dave Bailey30

If you need to add any player, please contact the organisers and we can create handicaps for new players.


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