Int'l Women's Squash Week 2019

Sep 2019

Int'l Women's Squash Week 2019

Squash was once a pre-dominantly male sport - and always used to have a stereo-typical 'middle aged man in whites' type of view from non-players!

That's ALL changed in the modern game. With the sport now recognised for its incredible fitness and health benefits, its popularity across the sexes continues to grow globally. And we're right behind the trend too. Shropshire Squash club has seen a dramatic increase in female players as well as a far younger demographic too.

To introduce even more players to this fantastic sport, we're offering two awesome ladies only events during Int'l Women's Squash Week this month.

Our monthly Pizza & Prosecco evening is followed up by a Squash Festival the following Saturday!

Both events open to everyone - members and non-members alike! Age 11+.

Ask your friends/colleagues/family. Come and try it out for free! Loads of fun - competitive sport for ANY ability. 

Book now. Call Tracy on 07854544732

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