AKUMA Club Sports Wear Sizing Session

Feb 2020

AKUMA Club Sports Wear Sizing Session

Shropshire Squash Club Branded AKUMA Sports Wear Sizing Event - Sunday, March 1st

It's been 18 months since our last en masse sports wear order with AKUMA, and the next one is on:

SUNDAY, 1st March from 6pm to 8pm upstairs at the club!!

Try out all items for size & feel, select which you prefer and order there and then with Matt, our AKUMA rep.

Please see the range of products available on the poster recently sent out on email or around the club.

We'll also be taking orders for junior sizes:

1 Colour Basic Tech T, with 2 x Prints on - £14

1 Colour Basic Tech Vest, with 2 x Prints on - £12

1 Colour Basic Hoodie, with 2 x Prints on - £16.50

If you can't make the event, please do feel free to email Matt on the day with your order details including your full name and contact details, product codes, Sizes and Quantity required.


Group Ordering reduces the overall cost as shipping will be FREE."

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