October 2018

# Name
1 Phil Caudle
2 Dan Aimer
3 Ben Nimmo
4 Richard Smith
5 Miles Harding
# Name
1 Cameron Parry
2 Max Ball
3 Steve Wright
4 Chris Ferriday
5 Adam Pritchard
# Name
1 Nigel Jackson
2 Ben Schur
3 Ashley Jones
4 Micheal Kirby
5 Dan Jackson
# Name
1 Tom Flint
2 Martin Powell
3 Steve Marsh
4 Colin Jenkins
5 Tim Pratt
# Name
1 Carl Griffiths
2 Guy Rutter
3 Ian Thompson
4 Ian Pitchford
5 Ollie Delamont
# Name
1 Alexey Golovatyuk
2 Keith Sillitoe
3 Kai Coleman
4 Peter Rickard
5 Steve Owen
6 Jason Pierpont
# Name
1 Steve Jones
2 Brad Vaughan
3 David Wray
4 Andrew Deeming
5 Matt King
# Name
1 Maurice Pritchard
2 Neil Manley
3 Mark Collins
4 Steve Holland
5 Scott Bass
6 Geoff Harrison
# Name
1 Andrew Cox
2 Ian Fraser
3 Rod Baggott
4 Andrew Black
5 Chris Whilde
6 Ben Deegan
# Name
1 Rob Orchard
2 Tom Hyde
3 Kevin Reynolds
4 Aninda Chandra
5 Richard Gatenby
# Name
1 Alastair Henman
2 Billy Rivett
3 Chas Morris
4 Mark Cornall
5 Tony Burgan
6 Mos Moselhi
# Name
1 Glyn Rowlands
2 Chris Tranter
3 Emily Powell
4 Geoff Pickles
5 Stephen Haxby
# Name
1 Peter Lord
2 Paul Thurling
3 Dan Jones
4 Dave Spode
5 Fin Aimer
# Name
1 Rob Paul
2 Neil Jackson
3 Jonathan Wareham
4 Andy Callear
5 Sophie Lumley
# Name
1 John Pearson
2 Philip Cartland
3 Rebecca Wright
4 Dan Gibbons
5 Phil Roberts
# Name
1 Rory Whitehead
2 Karen Sequeira
3 Andy Hazlewood
4 Jaydan Ingram
5 Tracy Waldron-Pegge
# Name
1 Jake Ekert
2 Qamrul Huda
3 Stuart Rivett
4 Nick Lythgoe
5 Neve Jones
6 Barry Jones


Having joined the club less than a year ago after not playing for several years and moving to the area the club was incredibly friendly and welcoming. They helped me get back into the sport and enjoy playing squash again whilst meeting new people. Its very good value for money and very welcoming for all abilities. The committee are progressive to ensure the club stays up to date and there is always plenty going on...

- Richard Smith

Squash is one of those sports which captivates your heart and soul. In terms of health and mental wellbeing, there's no comparable. It's competitive and tough yet every player at the club is always keen to help improve each other's performance through friendly help and advice. With an ongoing redevelopment of the facilities too, it's a great place to socialise with a fully stocked bar at very good prices!

- Andy Lawrence

I recently had a couple of entertaining, informative and physically demanding coaching lessons with Ali J. The only downside is that after 40yrs of playing squash - I now know that I've been holding my racket wrong - who says you cant teach an old dog new trick?! Thanks Ali! Cheers

- Colin Jenkins

Ali is a motivational coach and he is very good at unpicking what you need to improve and then building a step by step programme to coach you into achieving improved technique and skills. He comes highly recommended.

- Peter Rickard

Been a member for 30+ years and can honestly say the club has never been in a stronger position. So progressive and going from strength to strength.

- Steve Wright

I have been in the leagues for 4 years and found them highly competitive and played in an excellent spirit. There is a real incentive to improve your own game and I have taken coaching from Shirley Barre and Linda Pritchard, both of whom are absolutely excellent, who have helped me to move up and compete against better players.

- Stephen Haxby

After playing squash for 16 years, I had reached a plateau in my ability so decided to book some coaching sessions with Ali. One of the best decisions Ive made in a good while! Ali has such an extensive technical knowledge of squash that straightaway he highlighted the areas of my game that could be improved, which were now working to correct. Indeed, my swing is now completely unrecognisable from what it was! Id highly recommend Alis coaching to any player looking to progress.

- Brad Vaughan