Your squash journey starts here!

Getting into the game is really easy. Kicking the addiction to it gets a little tougher!

So let's take you through the journey...

1. Get in touch and arrange a date/time to come and check out the facilities!

Don’t be scared! We love welcoming new people to the club and the sport.

Whether you’d like to just come and take a look around or have a proper taster session on court – it’s entirely up to you! Once you let us know when you want to come, we’ll call you and talk you through the options!

Your squash journey starts here!
2. Click the 'Join Today' button and become the latest SSC member!

It actually costs less than £4.00 per week to join and you only pay for the remaining part of the membership year too (Renewal date is August 1st). The process is simple, just click the Join Today button and you’ll be a fully fledged and playing member in no time at all!

There are no court booking fees and we have a superb, fully licensed bar with large screen TV and comfortable seating for a friendly post-match pint or a sports drink recharge!

Beginners 2: Join Today

Ok, so you're joining on your own perhaps? Not so easy to start playing if you don't know who to play? Don’t worry! That part's easy.

Whatever your knowledge or level, your first visit to the club will set you up with one of our experienced coaches who’ll take you right through all of the basics of game play and technique.

Then sign straight up to the internal box leagues! These are groups of 5 or 6 players ranked by matching abilities right from the outset and offer you the chance to develop and hone skills together and at a similar pace. With over 20 leagues in operation you'll soon be playing within a group of people at or around your standard of play.

Check out some great squash tips here too.

Beginners 3: Play Squash

As a member of Shropshire Squash Club you’ll have the opportunity to book sessions with our level one and two coaches and our Pro Coach, Miles!. There are so many different ways to developing your game including circuits and meta-fit sessions too.

So don't wait! Get in touch today and see what all the excitement is about!

Beginners 4: Refine Your Game

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What equipment do I need to play squash?
  • Do you offer a racket re-stringing service?
  • How much should I spend on a racket?
  • How long does a game last for?
  • How do I join the club leagues and what do I need to do?
  • How often can I play?
  • How much does it cost per court booking?
  • I want to join but I dont know if Ill like it? Can I try it out first?
  • Can I get a discount for a family membership?
  • How late can I play squash?
  • I've broken the strings on my racket. What do I do?
  • Im addicted to squash. What do I do?

A pair of non-marking trainers (they’re usually marked as such on the soles!), some light sport wear (shorts and T-shirt), a water bottle and a racket. Don’t forget a towel and a change of clothes too. Hopefully you’ll need it!

It'll always happen during the middle of the best rally you've played in years! TWANG......... 

...and the ball limps it's way to the front wall for your opponent to smash low and into oblivion!!!

Replacing strings couldn't be easier though! You'll notice a racket collection box in the club.
Follow these simple steps and you'll soon be back to greatness:

  1. Please choose your string from the sample book in the bar area or below.
  2. Complete and attach a form from the selection book and attach to the racket, leaving the racket in the collection box.

Complete the following on the form:
Contact details:
String tension 24 to 28 (24 is Lucy - 28 is Tighty)
Type of string required:
Any extras: new bumper strip, grip or damper.
Required return date and time:
Email or text Glyn Rowlands at  or 07905078857 and he will collect and return the racket accordingly.                    

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Paypal at email address above or bank transfer (Please contact Glyn for details)

Note: Bumper sets normally take 2 days to arrive.


Ashaway MultiNick® 18 Squash String £15.00

Material: Nylon Multifilaments Nylon Polyurethane with a resin coating, 18 gauge (1.15mm),
Color: Black
Multifilament nylon core provides optimum feel of the ball and precise touch.  Polyurethane resin coating for excellent durability.  18 gauge maximizes ability to cut and spin the ball.

Ashaway UltraNick® 18 Squash Strings from Combine Nylon and Zyex £15.00

Material: Nylon Multifilaments and Zyex, 18 gauge (1.15mm)
Colour: Blue
Multifilament nylon core provides optimum feel of the ball and precise touch.  ZX wear layer increase durability and maintains tension.  Textured surface increases ball control and maximizes spin potential.UltraNick ZX is designed for three types of players: for those looking for precise touch and excellent feel of the ball; for those who require superior durability and tension maintenance but still want the feel of a UltraNick string; and for players looking for increased ability to control and add spin to the ball.

Ashaway UltraNick 17 Squash String £15.00 
Colour: Optic Green
UltraNick 17g features a multifilament core that increases power and resilience and prevents tension loss. The braided surface maximizes control and increases spin. The 17g maximizes durability and string life., Gauge: 17/1.25mm

*New Ashaway SuperNick ZX Squash String  £15.00
Colour: Orange
SuperNick 17g features a multifilament construction for gut like performance with precise touch.  ZX wear layer increases durability and tension maintenance.  Textured surface increases the ability to impact spin and cut the ball.  Gauge: 17/1.25mm

Ashaway SUPERNICK XL Squash String  £12.00
Color White with red and blue crosses
Nylon Multifilaments, 17g Multifilament construction for gut-like performance.
Textured surface for optimum ball control. Excellent resiliency in all rackets. . 17 gauge 1.25

Ashaway SUPERNICK XL PRO Squash String £12.00
Color: Blue with white crosses
Material: Nylon Multifilaments, 17g Multifilament construction for gut-like performance.
Textured surface for optimum ball control. Excellent resiliency in all rackets. Softer playability. .  17 gauge 1.25mm

Ashaway SUPERNICK XL TITANIUM Squash String  £12.00
Colour: Titanium Silver with Red & Blue Crosses
Material: Nylon Multifilaments, 17g Multifilament construction for gut-like performance.
Textured surface for optimum ball control. Excellent resiliency in all racket. 17 gauge 1.25mm

Ashaway SUPERNICK XL MICRO Squash String £12.00
Colour: Green with Blue with red crosses.
Material: Nylon Multifilaments,  18g Multifilament construction for gut-like performance
Textured surface for optimum ball control. Excellent resiliency in all rackets. Softer playability.. 18 gauge 1.15mm



Early days, the racket won’t particularly influence your game. It’ll all be about coordination and building fitness. A good beginners racket starts from as little as £15 - £20 and you certainly shouldn’t need to spend a great deal more!

Squash courts are booked for 45 minute intervals. During this time you’d usually get a 5 game set played.

We run monthly 'box' leagues of five to six players in 18-20 leagues. Each player plays a 'best of five' against each other player in their respective league. Players with highest points tallies get promoted to higher leagues and lowest drop. The leagues are put up on the club notice board and on the leagues page at the start of each month. All you need to do is make contact with two of your opponents to arrange a date to play that month! The others will contact you...

To join, just place your name in the entry section at the bottom of the leagues and the organiser will fit you in at your proposed/recommended league level. Easy.

Play as often as you like/can! It is a high impact sport though, so you’ll need to take rest periods and certainly don’t want to overdo it to begin with. There are peak periods during the day when more people try to arrange games. Generally from 5.30pm to 8pm. If you’re happy to play later in the evening and perhaps stay on for a social drink afterwards, there are usually plenty of free courts.

Absolutely nothing! Unlike most other squash clubs, your membership is fully inclusive, so nothing more to pay for your court time!

You are limited to one booking at peak times and there is a cancellation charge of £5.00 if you book and don’t attend or cancel but this is very easily avoided.

Yes, of course you can! We’re happy to invite you to give it a go! Do remember though that it takes time to build up fitness and ability so you’ve got to keep at it!

We're more than happy to look at further benefits should you be joining as a group. Fill in your contact details and any further information and we'll get in touch!

You can book courts late most evenings and play up to 10pm! 

Ah ha! Help is at hand. There's a container upstairs for the restringing service. Leave your racket in there with your name and number attached and it’ll be turned round usually within 2-3 days!

Play squash!!

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