History of Shropshire Squash Club

Where we started

Shortly after the Second World War, a group of teachers at Shrewsbury School became interested in the emerging and enticing game of squash. The sport itself had evolved out of racket ball and from a similar school in Harrow - and word was spreading!

With eager anticipation, they arranged for a single court to be built on the main campus. This court was used for many years by both the staff and the boys.

The original court is situated next to the main playing field near the swimming pool and off Ashton Road, and it can still be seen today as part of the area used by the school maintenance team. On leaving the club exit, anyone driving along Ashton Road will see it after a few hundred metres on the left.

Shrewsbury School

Step by step

The present facility and courts were built in 1979 during the Headmastership of Eric Anderson. This came about in quite a surprising way. One day, halfway through a school term, a wealthy Arab businessman arrived unannounced at the school straight from the Middle East. He wished for his son to have immediate entrance to the school. When politely informed that the school was unfortunately at capacity, he kindly offered to build an extension to a boarding house to make his sons entrance possible.

His offer wasn't able to be taken up, but it was noted by the Headmaster. In due course Mr Simaan's three sons all came to the school and during this time the Headmaster approached Mr Simaan and asked him if he would consider instead funding the building of a new squash centre - which he happily agreed to do. The Headmaster was aware of the rising popularity of squash at the time and seized the opportunity to match funding with sports development. A plaque in the entrance area of the squash centre still acknowledges the sponsorship of Mr Simaan.

And Now

Continuous Development

Soon after the completion of the new courts, and at the specific request of the Simaan family, use of the facilities were made available to the general public in the form of a co-operative squash club. Previously known as 'Kingsland Squash Club', Shropshire Squash Club was created in 2017 and  has since gone from strength to strength with a growing membership and forming an instrumental role in the ongoing facility development and improvements program.

Most recently, the last of the four court floors were replaced new and all four courts lights were replaced with bright white LEDs. Renewed redecorating throughout coupled with brand new seating, an overhaul of the bar area and finally the complete refurbishment of the ladies changing area has certainly brought a fresh look to the venue.

Working closely with the school, the club committee members are helping wherever possibie to further develop the facilities - with new male changing rooms and upper flooring replacement on plan into the near future.

And Now

Venue Facilities

  • Four Courts with recently renewed flooring and bright white LED lighting
  • Online court booking system
  • Fully licensed and well stocked bar area
  • Recently refurbished social area
  • Changing facilities with showers
  • Gated, secure private car parking
  • Racketball, Table Tennis and Tennis all available on site
Venue Facilities
Qualified Instructors
Qualified Instructors

Coaching sessions are both hugely rewarding and very entertaining.

High-Quality Equipment
High-Quality Equipment

Check out a range of rackets, balls and replacement grips and our low cost in-house restringing service!

Regular Competitions
Regular Competitions

Regular events for all abilities give you the chance to test your skills!

Social Scene
Social Scene

Work hard on court than enjoy some post game deliberation over a coffee or a pint.

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